Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hey Everyone!

My Husband and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. I have found so many amazing ideas of Pinterest of what I can do to style the new house!!! As of now this is what our compilation of things looks like.....

We have recently acquired an apron sink!!! Coolest sinks ever, gorgeous! This is what my Kitchen will look like!!!!

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I can not wait to start!! Readers, in your searching on the internet, if you come across any awesome, timeless, design ideas feel free to share them here! I am always looking for awesome new ideas!!!

Happy thoughts to everyone out there....


  1. Shopping for a home is exciting! Sprucing it up with your very own styles to add original character is even more exciting! Thanks for introducing me to Pininterest—I have not heard of this site before! I like the round poker table and the leather chairs—very nice for a spot in the home for small social gatherings with close friends. I totally dig your marvelous apron sink. Well, I’m not too great with big details but I like finishing touches like mirrors and wall décor, candles and lamps, unique frames and all kinds of dishes! I buy stuff when I travel so most things in my home have a story and almost nothing matches (didn’t start out like that) but everything seems to work—if that makes any sense. For your sink I can imagine a nice copper faucet.

  2. Sally, I LOVE that sink! Seriously.