Monday, May 7, 2012

Duct Tape Wallet...

I was walking through Target today with my daughter. We walked into an isle with some pretty amazing Duct tape, and I decided that I should learn how to make a Duct tape wallet!! To the internet I went in search of a great tutorial. I technically did not find this on Pinterest but I definitely posted it when I finished! I found this project quite easy and I really like the end result. My husband always makes fun of my huge purse because I can never find my wallet in the abyss. I used some awesome colors for my wallet and I do not think I will have any troubles finding it anymore!! Enjoy!!


  1. Sally, as your audience, I would find it helpful to also have instructions on how to make one. I am glad you enjoyed making your wallet but take the time to offer something practical to your reader as well. Also, is this your own picture that you took? If not, you must give credit where credit is due :) If you do not know who the photographer is,don't post the pic.

  2. I posted a link to the instructions that I followed on how to make the wallet. The picture that I posted was my own of the wallet that I made using the instructions from the link in the post.

  3. Sally, excellent to know that about the picture. Copywriter issues on images on the internet is a really touchy and now legally explosive issue. I had to make sure - I don't want my students getting in trouble.