Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hey guys,
This has been a crazy week!! We just recently found out that the house we have a loan out on has a second mortgage through an entirely different bank!!! ARRRGH, This is making this process go so slowly! I wish the economy hadn't tanked, (but if it hadn't I wouldn't be able to afford a house.) Anyways... We are now dealing with this predicament. We have started to look at new houses, just in case this house of our dreams falls through. Wish us luck!!!!

In the meantime! I have decided that I am going to start doing some workouts to blow off some steam!! This is what I have found:

10 Moves for a Flat Stomach

There is also a woman on youtube named Tiffany Rothe who is amazing!!! I love her workouts, they are short enough to do just one or you can string a few together for a more intense workout!!
Please look her up if you are thinking about new workout routines!!!

Happy thoughts to all!


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